the moon became a star


I'm still lost for words as I'm typing this while watching compilations of previous Astro performances. I lost it when After Midnight started playing. (this is how I cope, oddly speaking. After all, music truly does things to you.)

It's truly a shock. I only learned of this through a friend because she was messaging me if I'm still awake by midnight, only to find out about Moon Bin.

People have rain showers, but I never expected a sunshine like Moon Bin to leave all of a sudden. But that's the thing about being a star, there's a lot to deal with behind closed doors and the demons they have to face while being under the public eye, which I truly understand. All I'm hoping is that him, and other stars who left this earth found their happy place. And for Moon Bin, it's the galaxies.

I'm truly honored to get to know Astro as a group and as individuals. Truly happy that I'm an Aroha. Hopefully I'll get to see them in the next lifetime.

Rest easy, Moon Bin. I'm so sorry. Stay happy.