Here are some of the other things I do, that I wish to do more of in the future!

the kimbop! show

During the pandemic, I was approached by my friend Zee to do a podcast with her and together with Aila. collectively called The Tita Gang™, we made a podcast weekly Filipino podcast that talks about all things K: K-Pop, K-Drama and anything in between; It covers topics that are celebrated or often hidden in the culture of stanning Korean entertainment.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts and on YouTube.

Proud member of the Bunk Collective.

Show Logo & Assets by Bernardine Buenaventura
Writers: Zee Puerto, Michy Salut, Aila Abellanosa

Copywriters: Zee Puerto, Michy Salut, Aila Abellanosa

Editors: Zee Puerto, Michy Salut

Episode Art: Michy Salut

the beatniks: off the beaten path

As a midterm requirement, we were asked to have a lookbook inspired by the fashion subculture, pick a brand, and then we will discuss the subculture during class. We chose the beatnik subculture.

Style by Jaka Legazpi, Karen Esguerra, Maika Ramos, Clarrise Bathan, Michy Salut, Nahia Lloren

Photography by Jaka Legazpi and Clarrise Bathan

Videography by Michy Salut

Makeup by Michy Salut, Karen Esguerra, Nahia Lloren

Editor: Jaka Legazpi (photo), Michy Salut (video)

the bahay-bahayan portfolio

As a part of our final requirement as graduating Multimedia arts students, aside from our thesis ex- hibit, Bahay-bahayan, we also document and add all the inside depth of the exhibit into a portfolio which has the feel of a magazine. I was assigned as a Assistant Creative Director for the portfolio. Here, I helped the Creative Director with the direction, the flow, and concept of the said portfolio. I also contributed the layout of a spread for this portfolio.

You can view the portfolio here.

Creative Director: Randolf Ramos

Assistant Creative Director: Michelle Salut

Editor: Malvin Jay Quilanita

Contributing Writer: Daniel Tabirara

Contributing Photographers: Kim Andrade and Mark Lesther Alvarez