I Bought a Kindle + Down The Drain byJulia Fox



I cannot fathom how expensive books are getting these days, especially in the era of inflation.

Whenever I go to Fully Booked and I see a really nice title, the moment I learned the price of a book (which is in between PHP 600 to PHP 1,500) I just instantly put the books back in the shelf and leave. Gone were the days where I can pay for a softbound copy for only PHP 350. What peaked was knowing that Britney Spears' Memoir The Woman in Me was priced a bit higher, which the money could've been spent on other responsible expenses (eg. bills). So I decided to buy a Kindle.

Weeks after in November 2023, I ended up buying a Kindle. I originally wanted the Kindle Paperwhite but my mom said that if I'm gonna buy a gadget for daily use, I should buy something with higher specs. So I ended up with the Kindle Paperwhite Signature. And I love using it ever since. It finally made me read better instead of reading on my phone and get really distracted with all the notifications plus it doesn't hurt my eyes because I can adjust the brightness and looking at the screen feels like paper. Bonus points also for not giving me a headache while I'm reading on the car. I also downloaded around 100+ titles because I accumulated book titles from Tiktok, Twitter, and IG stories of my friends showing their current reads.

Now with that out of the way, I decided to add reading a lot again in my 2024 goals and make a habit of reviewing them! Which is perfect because the book that I started reading on Kindle is Julia Fox' memoir Down The Drain. I got interested in the book the moment Julia announced it on her social media because I am just so...entranced by her energy, sense of style and her appeal especially after dumping Kanye. I call my book review as The Milky Book Club just to align it with my personal branding and I'm aiming for a chill, casual book review to be posted on my Instagram Stories and on here. Plus, after debuting it on my Instagram around December, I realized that rating the books using stars actually intimidates me.

Here's my review, crossposted from my Instagram Stories:

I bought a Kindle because on top of the books being expensive these days, they also do not sell this book to the Philippines. Not sure why, though.

To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of reading celebrity memoirs. I prefer the deep dives I often get on my YouTube homepage. But I never thought that Julia Fox’s memoir will bring back my love for reading once again. Prior to this memoir, while I admit that I start to know her because of her infamous relationship with Ye, I begin to like her more after breaking up with him and her interviews popping up on my social media. Reading the memoir made me understand deeper who she is before the aforementioned relationship and Uncut Gems, which includes a messy upbringing, drugs, loss, abuse, men doing her dirty, her life as a dominatrix and much more that are way more interesting than Ye (I actually despise him even more after this).

Julia Fox is making messy celebrities again and I’m here for it. This is perfect for anyone who wants to read or wants to get up from their reading slump because this is so easy to read, it feels like she’s talking to me because she really wrote the book herself (yeaaaahhh). And probably the closest to a celebrity edition of female rage and womanhood as has the right mix of honestly and humble without even ask for pity from her. It really is a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.